Yantai's long-lasting "Beidou Ship Time System" service - "the world's largest" train ro-ro ship

2022-01-03 09:19

    Recently, the world's largest roll-on bow ship —— "Cherokee" in the world, was selected as the top 10 best ships in the United States in 2021, after being successfully selected in the list of "national weights" selected by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.The ship "Beidou Ship Time System" is all permanently built in Yantai.

    "Cherokee" was the first of two 590-foot train rolling-on ships built by Whampoa Wenchong Shipyard for the American CGR, the largest dedicated train carrier in the world.The two ships will be used to replace the two old train ferries operated by the company between the port of Mobile (USA) and Coatzacoalcos (Mexico), greatly improving regional traffic in the Gulf of Mexico and benefiting the people of South and North America.

The Beidou ship clock system is a time service system specially designed for ocean ships.With the world standard time UTC and local time LT function, clock receive GNSS timing signal and generate standard time, through its own proprietary technology and intelligent control software for driving console, service area, console, conference room, restaurant, living area clock accurate timing and health management, and the train roll-on recorder, centralized alarm and other information, intelligent, self-working system equipment provide time synchronization signal, to ensure the unified ship time.Its technology has reached the world's advanced level, passed the China Classification CCS certification.

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