Yantai Chijiu has long helped the world's largest double-fuel-powered container ship to build it...

2021-07-06 10:30

On July 3,2021, CCTV News Channel and Financial Channel reported that the ship, the world's largest 23,000 box and double fuel container ship designed and built by China, was officially delivered to ffy Shipping Group.The Marine child bell system of 9 world-class super ships in the construction project is all designed, built and delivered by Yantai Chijiu Clock Group.

The ship was the last, so all nine ships of the project were delivered on schedule.

The series of liquefied natural gas, fuel double fuel power, is the world's largest and most advanced container ship, total length of 399.9 meters, 61.3 meters wide, 60 meters longer than the world's largest aircraft carrier; the ship deck area of nearly 24,000 square meters, equivalent to 3.5 standard football fields; cargo compartment depth of 33.5 meters, the maximum stack of containers of 24 floors, equivalent to 22 floors, is called "sea giant".

The independent research, development, design and construction of this series of ships marks the establishment of a set of independent research and development, design and construction of Chinese ships in the world's super large container ships, breaking the international monopoly of the South Korean shipbuilding industry in this field.

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