Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party - Yantai will continue...

2021-06-30 16:48

Long-lasting tribute to the centennial birthday of the Communist Party of China!

Changzhou Metro Line 2, Xuzhou Metro Line 3, Suzhou Metro Line 5 and Chengdu Tianfu International Airport were officially opened with a time synchronization system.

On June 28, the Changzhou Metro Line 2 was officially opened, marking that the Changzhou Metro has officially entered the "cross and cross" double-line operation era.Changzhou Metro Line 2 is 19.79 kilometers long and has 15 stations that runs through the city east and west.

The official opening of Xuzhou Metro Line 3 on June 28, marking the era of "three-line network" multi-line operation of Xuzhou Metro and becoming the third city in Jiangsu Province with subway lines and three lines.The line is 18.13 km long and has 16 stations.

On June 29, Suzhou Metro Line 5 was officially opened, marking Suzhou becoming the second city in Jiangsu Province with five lines and the first full-scene cultural tourism characteristic line in China.The line is 44.1 kilometers long from west to east, with 34 stations.

On June 27, Chengdu Tianfu International Airport was officially opened, becoming a national international aviation hub connecting the north and south and the east and west.Chengdu has also become the third city with "double airports" after Shanghai and Beijing.

It is the sacred responsibility of lasting clocks to provide a strong guarantee for the safe operation of the lifeblood of the country.As the domestic beidou timing, time service leading enterprises, Yantai lasting clock application beidou, 5G, Internet, Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and a new generation of electronic information technology, research and development, high precision, high security, high reliable time synchronization system to the domestic leading, world-class level, widely used in rail transit, aerospace, nuclear power, defense and other national lifeline and key projects, domestic comprehensive market share of more than 80%, airport 90%, 85%, subway 80%, nuclear power 90%.

Gift to the centenary, set sail on a new journey.Yantai lasting clock will continue to bear in mind the original mission and responsibility, continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation and craftsman spirit, and lead the industry development with first-class products and first-class services!