Provincial party committee financial and economics office leadership to the lasting clock...

2021-05-12 15:18

Yantai Chijiu

On the morning of May 11, Ha Lidong, Deputy Director of the Finance and Economics Office of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee, accompanied by Huang Mingli, Deputy Director of the Finance and Economics Office of the Yantai Municipal Party Committee, Hao Xiaoliang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Laishan District Committee and Director of the Office, and Lin Xiaojie, Deputy Director of the Huanghai Road Sub-district Office Next, I went to Yantai Long-lasting Clock to conduct research.


Accompanied by Zhu Changhong, chairman of Yantai persistent Watch Group, the research group visited the joint commissioning center of the time synchronous system.Chairman Zhu Changhong briefly briefed Director Ha and his delegation on the technological innovation of Yantai Chijiu Clock Group, the market development situation, as well as the application of the Beidou timing system series of products in aerospace, rail transit, nuclear power, national defense and other national lifeline fields.


    In the "Hualong 1" Fuqing nuclear Power time synchronization system, subway time synchronization system, high-speed rail time synchronization system and Beidou 5G Cloud wisdom clock debugging area, Director Ha had in-depth exchanges with Chairman Zhu and relevant technical personnel on the accuracy, reliability, advancement and safety of the products.


In the investigation, Director Ha fully affirmed the achievements of focusing on the main business, carrying forward the spirit of innovation and craftsmanship over the past 30 years.Director Ha expressed his sincere appreciation for the eight key technologies of Yantai Chijiu Clock Group to break international monopoly and fill domestic gaps, reached the domestic leading and international first-class, widely used in airport, subway, high-speed railway, nuclear power and other lifeline fields, and the comprehensive market share reached more than 80%.


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