Salute!"May Day" Labor Day to stick to!

2021-05-08 08:04

International Workers' Day

“Happiness is all out of the struggle”!

During this year's May Day holiday, many people stick to their work for fun and family reunion.

They are during the "May Day" period to stick to the front line of the lasting clock staff, a group of unknown behind-the-scenes heroes!They are making extraordinary contributions in the ordinary posts, with the style of workers to meet the festival of workers.

Technical training of Jinan Metro Line 3

Jinan Metro Line 3 on-site practical operation training

On-site technical guidance of Harbin Metro Line 2

Fuzhou Metro Line 6 equipment debugging

The "time synchronization system" of Chijiu clocks is widely used in airports, subways, high-speed rail, nuclear power and other national lifeline fields.

On May Day, the safe, reliable and orderly operation of these lifeblood areas has been sustained and guaranteed.

Whether it is the site construction personnel, or the technical personnel of the control center, they stick to every post: system debugging, equipment inspection, operation maintenance, abnormal treatment and a series of work.

Every detail, every link must be meticulous, excellence, rapid disposal.They only do their best for the belief in the —— to ensure the safe and reliable operation of airports, subways, high-speed rail and nuclear power!

They are the most beautiful scenery in the festival!

Equipment installation of Shenzhen Metro Line 20

Equipment commissioning of K2 / K3 unit in Karachi, Pakistan

Issuing ceremony of Zhengzhou Metro

Site technical guidance on Wuhu Metro Line 1

Shanghai Metro Line 14 equipment debugging

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A familiar face, a busy figure.

They use their responsibility and mission to interpret the "special hard work, special dedication" work style.

They walk with time, to stick to the most beautiful posture, for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the founding of the Communist Party of China!

State high and new-tech enterprises

National manufacturing individual champion cultivation enterprises

National service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprise

National "specialized, special and new" small giant enterprise

The state keeps the contract and values the credit enterprises

State intellectual property advantage enterprises

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