Yantai Chijiu has helped Hualong 1 overseas pile successfully connected to power...

2021-03-23 12:13

On March 22, CCTV News reported that on March 18, local time, the first overseas unit of —— Karachi 2, Pakistan was successfully connected to the grid for the first time.The whole time synchronization system provided by Yantai continuously is working well.

The first successful grid connection of Karachi Unit 2 in Pakistan is a major milestone in the overseas construction of China's independent third-generation nuclear power plant. It is also an important achievement of China and Pakistan in consolidating and deepening the all-weather strategic cooperative partnership and promoting nuclear energy cooperation.Hualong 1 is a third-generation nuclear power technology developed and designed with fully independent intellectual property rights. It is known as the "national name card" of China's high-end manufacturing industry to the world.It marks that China has broken the monopoly of foreign nuclear power technology and officially entered the ranks of advanced countries in nuclear power technology.

The high-precision time synchronization equipment of Karachi Unit 2 in Pakistan adopts the lasting high-precision, high-safety and high-intelligent time synchronization system of Yantai with fully independent intellectual property rights. It is one of the core systems for ensuring the operation of nuclear power plants.The system provides unified timing service for DCS (distributed control system), KRT (radiation monitoring system), EPP and all important system (safety containment leakage monitoring system), KDO (test data collection system), and the timing accuracy reaches nanosecond level, in the domestic leading and international first-class level, providing key support for Karachi 2, Pakistan.


Karachi Unit 2 in Pakistan was connected to the grid, which is also the first —— Fuqing Nuclear Power Unit 5 after the first time, once again, contributing "lasting strength" to the first battle of "Hualong Going to Sea".

As a leading enterprise and excellent supplier of nuclear power in the domestic technology clock and time service industry, Yantai Chijiu Clock Group has provided an independent and controllable "lasting time" for the safe and reliable operation of China's nuclear power industry.At present, Yantai has continuously participated in the construction of more than 40 nuclear power plants and 127 nuclear power projects, with a domestic market share accounting for more than 70%.Including China's first Qinshan nuclear power plant independently designed and built, known as the "glory of the country", China's first heavy water reactor nuclear power plant with nuclear power project management and international standards, Qinshan No.3 nuclear power plant, China's first large-scale commercial nuclear power plant independently designed, built, operated and managed, the Qinshan No.2 Nuclear Power Plant, China's first fully digital instrument and control system nuclear power plant- -Jiangsu Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant, The world's first third-generation nuclear power AP1000 demonstration project- -Zhejiang Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant, Hainan Energy Construction Project No.1- -Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant, China's first independent third-generation nuclear power unit, Hualong 1- -Fujian Fuqing Nuclear Power Unit 5, "National Business Card" Hualong No.1- -Zhangzhou Nuclear Power Plant, Fujian Province, As well as Shandong Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant, Weihai Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Plant, Guangdong Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, Guangdong Lingao Nuclear Power Plant, Guangdong Taipingling Nuclear Power Plant, Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant, Pakistan Nuclear Power Plant and other projects have all selected Yantai-lasting time-synchronous system products and technical services.

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