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2020-12-28 17:13

The new section of Daxing Airport to Xiongan of the Beijing-Xiongan New Area intercity railway was officially opened on the same day, marking the completion of the Beijing-Xiongan intercity railway and the Xiongan Station into use simultaneously, the news broadcast reported on December 27.

On February 28,2018, the construction began; on September 26,2019, on December 27,2020,2020 marked the opening of Beijing-Xiong Intercity Railway.

Beijing male intercity railway is carrying one thousand transportation tasks, important trunk support the national strategy, after the completion, not only to improve the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regional network layout, build rapid three-dimensional transportation system, speed up industrial gathering and regional economic contact is of great significance, will also to promote the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and support the construction of Xiongan new district has a far-reaching influence.

It is understood that the Beijing-Xiong Intercity Railway is China's first intelligent high-speed railway designed by using BIM technology. It applies the cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data, and has more than 70 intelligent designs.

The whole Beijing-Xiong intercity railway uses Yantai lasting CJ-M9300IIIG system, which is a high-performance time synchronization system using ARM + FPGA architecture, which provides high-precision and high synchronization timing service for more than 20 intelligent systems such as high-speed railway scheduling, signal, security, broadcasting, ticket sales and customer service.


As a clock server representing the highest level in China, CJ-M9300IIIG has adopted Yantai's lasting and unique core technology and patent algorithm by receiving the Beidou satellite signals, and its timing accuracy, reliability and stability have all reached the international first-class level.The output synchronous signals include: NTP, PTP, IRIG-B code, serial port to time message, and pulse signal 1PPS, etc., which can meet the multi-scene time requirements.

As a leading enterprise in the time synchronization system in China, persistent Watch will continue to adhere to the corporate spirit of integrity, innovation, responsibility and gratitude, continue to provide quality products and services for the society, and make new contributions to the development of China's rail transit.

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