CJ-3100 Series (Two-pin tower clock)

Brand: Chijiu
Place of production: YanTai
Classify: Tower Clock
Model: CJ-3100
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Main functions of CJ-3100 tower clock

1. Travel time: microcomputer control, automatic two-pin operation, closed-loop control of the mother and son clock system, stable and reliable travel time.

Second,   GPS satellite timing function: use the control center to connect with the satellite signal receiving device, compare the separated standard time with the master clock time, Proofreading to ensure that the operation of the tower clock is synchronized with the standard time to achieve no accumulated errors.

Three,   Timekeeping: SVM5530 music timekeeping. Timekeeping methods are:

① British Big Ben and Bells

② bells

③ Disabled.

The above three methods are optional.

Four. Lighting: There are two lighting methods (optional):

① Inner panel lighting;

② The pointer and scale are all illuminated by LED light-emitting diodes, which have a long service life and can be continuously illuminated for more than 100,000 hours; the lighting effect is soft and beautiful, and the lighting The interval can be adjusted arbitrarily.

5. Automatic tracking function: After a power failure, the master clock will automatically memorize within a few months. Special person debugging. It can also be determined according to the user's requirements to determine the non-stop time for power outages.

6. Sync function of each face clock: When a face clock is out of sync with other face clocks, the control system will automatically detect and adjust it to Synchronize.