CJ-3800 type tower bell

Brand: Chijiu
Place of production: YanTai
Classify: Tower Clock
Model: CJ-3800
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Main functions of CJ-3800 tower clock

1. Travel time: microcomputer control, automatic three-hand operation, the second hand runs like flowing water, which can bring a sense of movement to the whole building, and the second hand has automatic feedback Function. The mother-child clock system adopts closed-loop control, and the travel time is synchronized with Beijing time.

Second,   GPS satellite timing: use the control center to connect with the satellite signal receiving device, compare and proofread the separated standard time with the master clock time , to ensure that the operation of the tower clock is synchronized with the standard time to achieve no accumulated error.

Three,   Timekeeping: SVM5530 music timekeeping. Timekeeping methods are:

① British Big Ben and chimes ② chimes ③ Discontinued.   The above three methods can be selected arbitrarily.

Four. Lighting: There are two lighting methods (optional): ① lighting inside the panel; ② The pointer and scale all use LED light-emitting diodes Lighting, long service life, can be continuously illuminated for more than 100,000 hours; the lighting effect is soft and beautiful, and the lighting interval can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Five, Automatic tracking function: After a power failure, the master clock will automatically memorize within a few months. Professional adjustment. It can also be determined according to the user's requirements to determine the non-stop time for power outages.

Synchronization function of face clocks: When a face clock is out of sync with other face clocks, the control system will automatically detect and adjust it to sync.