Brand: Chijiu
Place of production: YanTai
Classify: Tower Clock
Model: CJ-3901
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Main functions of CJ-3901 tower clock

1. Travel time: full computer control and management, screen display, automatic three-hand operation, second hand running like flowing water, which can bring great benefits to the whole building Dynamic, the seconds hand has an automatic feedback function. The master-child clock system adopts closed-loop control to keep the synchronous operation of the master-child clock and the consistency with Beijing time.

Second,   GPS satellite timing: use the computer center to connect with the satellite signal receiving equipment, compare the separated standard time with the master clock time, Proofreading to ensure that the operation of the tower clock is synchronized with the standard time to achieve no accumulated errors.

Third,   Timekeeping: Multimedia timekeeping is used, and the timekeeping effect is high-fidelity. There are ① British Big Ben music plus bells (three different tones) ②Dongfanghong music bells (four different tones) ③Dongfanghong music plus language timekeeping ④Clocks (eight different tones) ⑤China, China's bright red sun will never set music (a) ⑥Into a new era music ⑦Closed. A computer is required for multimedia timekeeping. The above seven methods can be arbitrarily selected.

Four. Lighting: (There are two optional lighting methods) ①Internal lighting on the panel, the lighting source uses fluorescent lamps; ②All pointers and scales are LEDs Light-emitting diode lighting, long service life, can be continuously illuminated for more than 100,000 hours; the lighting effect is soft and beautiful, and the lighting interval can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Five, Automatic tracking function: After a power failure, the master clock will automatically memorize within a few months. Professional adjustment. It can also be determined according to the user's requirements to determine the non-stop time for power outages.

Six.   Fault self-diagnosis function: When a fault occurs in a certain part of the system, the tower clock controller automatically diagnoses the fault, and reports the fault phenomenon. Information transmission control center, the control center immediately displays the fault location and indicates how to eliminate the fault. This function can only be realized with a computer.

Seven, Monitoring functions: ①Monitoring and controlling the operation of the sub-clock; ②Modifying and setting the timekeeping method; ③Real-time processing of the sub-clock system Real-time control of the lighting and timekeeping of the slave clocks by the signals sent; ④display the time of the master clock and synchronously adjust the time of the master clock; ⑤check or reset the lighting interval;

VIII. Dual-system hot backup function: Using dual-system hot-standby technology, the main and standby master clocks are automatically switched. When the master and master clocks fail, the system automatically Switch to the standby master clock to ensure the normal operation of the tower clock.

IX. Advertising playback function (music library): According to user requirements, multimedia technology is used to play music or advertising language, with beautiful sound, which establishes the image of the unit good way. For example, "Today is National Day, I wish everyone a happy holiday", all the staff of the × ×× Bureau wish you a happy Spring Festival and all the best", etc. This function can only be realized with a computer.

X. Remote monitoring function: Through the persistent clock website, assist users to manage the clock system, when your tower clock fails, our company monitoring center The fault location can be displayed and dealt with according to the specific situation.

Eleven. Sync function of each face clock: When a face clock is out of sync with other face clocks, the control system will automatically detect and make it   Automatically adjust to sync.